Getting Ready for Your Dissertation Defense

Every dissertation writing process’s final lap is usually the defense stage, and every University student will most likely pass through the dissertation defense (except for students in Universities or faculties where dissertation defense is not a requirement). A dissertation defense is essential because, even if you have written a flawless paper with professional help from, one wrong answer during your defense may lead to everything getting thrown into the bin. Therefore, as important as your writing skills and the paper (dissertation) you have written are, your oral skill is also a significant factor; consequently, you must equip and develop yourself along as you write.

Below are some straightforward preparation tips ahead of your dissertation defense

Preparation: Know Your Format and Material

Considering the number of students who fail defense because of poor formatting, you will agree that formatting your paper correctly while following your University and department’s requirement is the first step towards a successful dissertation defense. If you ever run into any difficulty or if you have any questions, your dissertation advisor is always there to put you through.

We advise that you thoroughly review your paper because, as odd as this may sound, most tutors enjoy spotting even the tiniest sign of format violations. Therefore, paying extra attention to details will go a long way in helping you pass through the defense stage.

Prepare a Presentation

When you are unsure what next to do ahead of your defense, the solution might be to prepare a presentation. To prepare a presentation may take at least three weeks, but at the end of it all, ensure a correlation between your defense talk, your presentation, and your paper topic. You can prepare your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Focus on Results

Your entire dissertation has between 200 to 300 pages; avoid repeating every detail because the dissertation committee has your paper already, and they know what it contains. Instead, figure out and point out the main points and the critical aspects of your research, particularly the results. If the committee wants you to go into details, they will ask you.

Visual Aids Can Be Helpful

Visual aid is an essential strategy during the oral defense. Break down your work, present your defense, and result in different categories, follow the pattern when presenting your research. It keeps your work short, simple, and easy to follow

Know More about Your Dissertation Committee

Attempting to know more about your dissertation committee members is an old strategy, but not precisely outdated. Knowing the members of the dissertation committee will help you understand each member individually and what to expect. Make your findings, ask students, especially those who have graduated, do your results online.

Practice, then Practice More

The secret to attaining perfection is consistent practice. In dissertation defense, consistent practice gives you confidence and helps you predict possible questions and answers.

You can practice alone in front of your mirror or record yourself using a tape or video recorder; you can also invite a friend or relative over and defend your dissertation before them. You can use them if you have your slides ready.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Things

Dissertation defense rules differ from University to University; therefore, you must always be ready to get random questions. And even though you cannot predict everything, maximum concentration and practice prepare you for unforeseen problems.

Your Health Matters

While preparing for your dissertation defense, one thing is necessary; your mental and physical health. Without your physical and mental health, you may find it hard to produce a good or flawless performance at your defense. In most cases, sleep deprivation and mental stress may prevent you from having an excellent thesis too. Your diet is also an essential factor here.

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